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Anju prasad



Anju prasad


There is nothing you

There is nothing you

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There is no pain that seems to burn me than the one you gave me 

There is no bliss ecstasy that I have known through you.

There is nothing that fills each of my cells and my chromosomes like you 

You are familiar to me than my veinules throbbing with life 

You are thicker than the blood that flows in me 

Nothing quenches me than you and thirst me more than water ...than you 

No rain ever drenched deep in me than me 

No rainbows mesmerize me than you

No summer that dries up my leaflets than you 

No abandonment as orphaned as you have in me 

You evaporate me into clouds of despondency than the sun

And there is no ocean that could churn me than you, not even the moon.

I have known you than me 

There is no nothing more I seek than you 

No emancipation, no liberation 

I yearn but for you...the greatest knowledge that I ever acquired...

You become my enslavement and salvation...

Nothing prevails than the vacuum you left 

Nothing is you ...death nor birth.

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