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Shreya Chougule



Shreya Chougule


The World Of Pure Heart

The World Of Pure Heart

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Love, care, respect and unity,

Hard work, faith, patience, and positivity,

Help, forgiveness, simplicity, and honesty

Are the pillars of humanity.

Love, love, love

Care, care, care

Love and care

Best things to share

United we stand,

Divided we fall.

Makes us understand,

To keep unity in all.

Never say no to hard work,

Even if it is difficult to work,

As only the achieved fruition,

Will give you the greatest satisfaction.

In an aspect,

Always show respect,

To parents, teachers,

Elders as well as strangers.

Forgiveness is the greatness,

Forgive and forget,

Are the words in the bracket.

We must always have patience,

In any situations,

In order to achieve our ambitions.

The reward for helping,

is the blessing, 

From the needy,

And you achieve this blessing,

Only if your heart is not greedy

Life is all about,

Living, helping and thinking positively

And spreading positivity,

Is our responsibility.

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