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Midnight Mystry



Midnight Mystry


The Tragedy Of Good Luck...

The Tragedy Of Good Luck...

2 mins

Once upon a time, there lived a man named Eric

Just a regular guy, pretty generic

He led an amazing life and had a great persona

He also had a cute dog, he called it Nova

But one fine day he lost his dog

He cursed his decision to go for a jog

He thought his fortune had turned around

But something amazing happened when his dog was found

What he thought was an evil accident

Turned into a mesmerizing incident

The lost dog was discovered by the love of his life

In that setback, he found his future wife

Having a mishap never seems great

But not getting what you want could be a wonderful twist of fate 

No one can be sure until the last piece falls in its place

Victor can be the one, who didn’t even participate in the race

So before you ask “Why me?”

The bigger picture, try to see 

We cannot predict the future because we cannot control it

All we can do is try and not quit

Our little actions can cause effects beyond comprehension

The world can change by a single act of affection

Time can be devastating, but forever it doesn’t last

Just hang in there and say “This too shall pass.”

The greatest curse could be blessings in disguise

To give yourself another chance is always a choice

Mozzel you thought, could be the hardship you just ducked

It’s messy yet alluring, the tragedy of good luck!

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