Neha Seth

Drama Romance


Neha Seth

Drama Romance

The Soul Never Stops Or Forgets

The Soul Never Stops Or Forgets

2 mins 432 2 mins 432

A book with yellowed pages

A perfumed handkerchief

A crinkled chocolate wrapper

And the iced tea that cooled

My throat and your anger

A missed call stored

A text message saved

A mail with a picture archived

And that conversation which warmed

Both my heart and your soul

A song posted on your profile

A remedy to cure my backache

A joke to make me smile

And the finger you deliberately cut

For me to kiss, for you to sigh

A crooked naughty smile

A stolen sparkling look

A fatherly pat on the head

And that one hug which smothered

Forever, all desires mine and yours

Had been lying by my pillow

Each night since you left

Numbing my mind and heart

And making me sleep and start

My eyes wet and mouth dry

Today I have gathered them all

And have poured them in my soul

Believing what Rumi once said

And hoping he was right that

The Soul will never stop or forget

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