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The Lucifer

The Lucifer

1 min 153 1 min 153

Sometimes serpent,

Sometimes one-eyed man,

Sometimes with horn and as an ugly creature.

People are too scared to call out his name.

Lord created him, but he rebelled against him.

He lost the qualities of the creator and decided to be on his own.

Lord hails from the love, and he hails from hatred shown by his devotees for someone?

Lord has the power to change everyone with love, why he couldn’t impress him?

Lord forgives sins, but Is he punishing the people for sins they committed by tempting them?

Is he a guardian, which lord made to keep humanity in check?

There are two sides for anything, the bright and dark to keep the universe alive.

Existence of the nucleus alone leads to the collapse of an atom it needs electrons as well.

Hades has a story of being betrayed

Probably Lucifer as well does have and

Hasn't been recorded in books.

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