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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon


The Leader

The Leader

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He leads a young generation,

They treated him with veneration,

he was old, did not belong to their time;

But to these young people, it was no crime.

We should all walk like brothers,

For us, he said there are no others,

They will try to break you it's true,

We are not separate but a single you,

They teach you in schools,

To follow all these rules,

Then they use it as tools,

To make you look like fools.

Education is important in life,

Teaches you to fight back in strife,

Stand together always like a team,

Don't be frightened to always dream,

And they followed and he led,

Listening always to what he said,

My people he said, you cannot wish away,

They are here to live, and to stay.

This will be the theme of our song.

To this country, we all belong.

They said he is creating anarchy,

He is disturbing our hierarchy,

They killed him, he became a memory.

Alive a threat, now another story.

But his memory had become a song,

They sang about him and they became strong.

For his killers had got it all wrong,

His followers made sure he lived long,

For to them a martyr, who had no end.

Alive a leader, dead, he became a legend.

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