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Aradhyo De



Aradhyo De


The Day I Spent

The Day I Spent

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The day I spent, was on fire.

The whole day I have spent, was on fire.

Sitting on the fence, doing nothing,

just going on a hire.

Traffic jams, honking cars, flooded streets; And

we pay taxes!

Questions hovering over mind.

Further impatience to already turmoil mind.

Whispers of innocent laughters,

reminds me, that there's still someone to use

these annoying flooded streets for joy,

to prepare race tracks for racing paper boats.

Running water reminds me,

that the world still exists, joy still exists,

at least for a night, at least for a while.

There's only a single reason to enjoy the few hours of life,

few minutes of a day.

The reason is I don't want to get wasted and recall my old worries,

pinch me with my old worries.

Instead of my beautiful hours, my memorable minutes and glorious nights.

I want to feel the same joyous sunshine again,

the warmth of a beautiful life,

the caring spring, and

the smoothen earth with bare feet.

I want to live for tomorrow, 

for better, not for bitter sorrows.

The night I spent, was with forgotten lessons.

The half of the day I have spent was with forgotten, beautiful and sweet memories.

The night I slept, was with nostalgic tears.

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