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The Candle March

The Candle March

2 mins

She was walking

Into a lonely silent night

The sky was dark

And the streets were quiet

Not even a single dog was barking

No noise of bikes and cars honking

Just like a monster waits for gloom

To sing anthems of evilness

Something scary crept into that loneliness

Noises were heard, a car appeared

Speed of the car was slowed

Windowpanes were steadily lowered

Four boys. Eight eyes staring at her

Whistles were hearkened

Words they spoke were not decent enough

A guy had cigarettes in his hand

Another was too drunk to stand

The other two stared at her for a while

Perhaps the monsters had found that perfect night

They pulled her in the car

One was holding her from her waist

The other had his hands on her chest

Too loud were those whistles of wickedness

Even her loudest of screams faded into that darkness

One more girl died that day

Victory for those four

Hundreds of candle marches went in vain

Thousands of hopes were lost

One more candle march was done

One more peace rally

To hide the irresponsibility of the society

Behind curtains of regrets and melancholy

Many people came

Candles in their hands

Candles` light shone bright

Contrary to our society

Brimming with darkness and fright

That mother who told her daughter

That education was useless for girls

She need not earn and travel around

What only mattered was that her roti’s should be round

Also stood there

With a candle in her hand

That uncle who raped her own niece

In the safety of her own home

Was also standing there to mourn

That temple priest who denied

Entry of girls who were menstruating

For he thought

God would not listen to prayers of girls

Who had red stains on their skirts

He too was present there

Holding a poster saying, “Women should be treated fair.”

That mother-in-law who burnt an innocent alive

Giving another “dowry death” the name of “stove burst”

Was also there

Shouting slogans of equality

Realizing little about her own cruelty

People marching with candles

Did not really mean to end these age-old scandals

Their minds were still inscribed

With centuries-old futile customs

They prayed to various Goddesses

It was considered holy

But never thought to give

Even the basic right to live

To women of their own society

Even those rapists were there

To protest for that girl`s right

Hiding their brutal crime

Behind the candle`s light

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