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Nithya Shankar


The Birth Of An Angel

The Birth Of An Angel

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It was blissful,

The first time I took her into my arms.

All the pain that I suffered,

Took the form of my beautiful child.

Her feet were like the petals of a rose,

Her eyes resembled the dark grapes,

Her hands were like that of a small koala,

She in total looked like the truth personified.

Her cry filled in the air,

Along with it joy too took its place.

Her father looked at me with eyes filled with tears of joy,

I looked at him and nodded my head in acceptance.

She indeed did look like my mother,

Those eyes, nose and lips,

All as perfect as her and made me feel,

As if my mother was reborn as my child.

I couldn't hold in my joy,

They flowed out in the form of tears from my eyes.

My husband came and woke me up,

And I realised it was a dream.

More a month is there to pass through,

But I can't wait for my dream to come true.

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