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Ananya Vuppala



Ananya Vuppala


Snow White and The Seven Dwarves [Poem]

Snow White and The Seven Dwarves [Poem]

5 mins

The queen pricked her finger by the window,

Red of blood against black of window and white of snow, looked oh beautifully so,

“I wish I could have a daughter,

Hair as black as ebony,

Cheeks so red,

Skin as white as snow”

She said,

The queen did have a daughter as she wished,

She named her Snow White,

However, she died,

Oh, how Snow White cried!

Again, the king was married,

But the queen, by her beauty, was much too carried,

In front of the mirror she stood,

 As often as she could,

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

Who is the most beautiful of them all?”

The mirror, truth it had to obey,

So it would always say,

“You my queen,

Is the most beautiful ever seen”

Snow White was growing into a beautiful girl,

Cheeks red, hair as black as ebony, skin as white as pearl,

The queen stood in front of the mirror one day,

Since the mirror, truth it could only say,

“The truth I must speak and vow,

Snow White is more lovely than thou”

At these words, the queen was shaking due to much rage,

She couldn’t keep still,

Hatred for Snow White filled her heart,

Snow White would experience a kill,

She set a Huntsman to kill Snow White,

 What a terrible plight!

The situation became even more tight,

When the Huntsman got Snow White,

But at are tears on such a beautiful face,

 He stopped pursuing the chase, Snow White ran,

 As fast as she can,

 She went into the forest,

 By evening, she was the sorest,

 She saw a cottage, but was empty,

 Everything was small, neat and tidy,

 She went in a room where seven beds were kept,

 The 7th bed felt right,

 And off she slept,

 The owner of cottage, seven dwarves, discovered Snow White,

Not wanting to wake her, they ate quietly,

And made the beds tidy,

When Snow White saw the dwarves, she felt scared,

 But it seemed, the dwarves, for Snow White, they cared,

So to tell them her tale, she dared,

When they heard her tale, They were full of pity,

They couldn’t send a girl into the forest who was so pretty,

“We work all day,

 In the house, you must stay,

 For your safety we pray,

 Evil is your stepmother,

 In this beauty matter, she must bother,

 Open the house no one to, Otherwise, you’ll be in a stew,

The queen believed Snow White dead,

 So, she said,

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?”,

“Snow White is living still, art certainly fair,

 This child’s great beauty makes her more fair”

Great was the Queen’s anger, Snow White was in grave danger,

She was determined to kill Snow White herself,

 Whether guarding her was a dwarf or elf,

 The queen disguised herself as a pedlar–woman,

 Doing her act as nicely as she can,

 She shouted “Laces and ribbons for sale, to have or see”,

Snow White opened the door thinking “What can this old woman do to me?”

The queen tied Snow White some pink laces,

 Snow White could not breathe and fell to the floor while the queen ran paces,

The dwarves returned,

 To see Snow White on the floor, their hearts churned,

They cut the new lace,

Gradually color returned to her face,

Snow White sat on the chair, The dwarves advised her again to take great care,

Believing Snow White dead,

The queen jubilantly said,

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”,

“Snow White is living still, and thou thou, my queen, art certainly fair,

This child’s great beauty makes her more fair,

The queen was in a terrible rage, she disguised herself, made a poisoned comb, and went to the dwarves’ cottage,

she shouted “Pretty things to sell, all the lice will run to hell”,

Snow white put her head out of the window,

“I cannot open the door to anyone, since the dwarves won’t allow”,

The queen said “Never mind, you can look”,

And from her basket a comb she took,

Snow white couldn’t resist it and open the door,

The queen stuck the comb sharply into her, so that the poison went to her blood and Snow white fell to the floor,

The dwarves found Snow White on the floor and pulled the comb out of her hair,

Again, advising her to take great care,

The question she said,

Believing Snow White dead,

Not believing her ear,

Of what the ears hear,

Not believing Snow White was alive,

What a fit in she took a dive,

“Snow White shall die” she said aloud

“Even if it costs me my life” she vowed,

She disguised herself as a farmer’s wife,

She put poison in the rosy red cheek of an apple through a slit with the knife,

Leaving the green side poison free,

She went to the cottage and shoved the basket under the window for Snow White to see,

She shouted “Rosiest apples I have with me,

Relish and cherish, come and see,

Open the door,

And eat the apple till it’s core”

Snow white said “I am forbidden to open the door to any one,

I dare not take an apple, even one”,

“You’re afraid it’s poisoned?

Happiness and apples I lend”,

She cut the apple into two,

and she ate the green cheek of the apple and snow white did the same with the rosy – poisoned cheek too,

no sooner had she done, Snow White fell down dead,

“How stupid!” the queen said, 

Finally, content,

Off to the palace she went,

The dwarves returned,

And to see Snow White dead, their hearts churned,

They tried everything,

But to bring Snow White to life, nothing would bring,

How the dwarves cried,

Because Snow White had died,

Snow white’s body, they couldn’t burn,

Life for them had taken a terrible turn,

The dwarves had a glass coffin made,

In it Snow White was laid,

One day, a prince came and saw Snow White and said “Let me take the coffin, I’ll cherish her with my life”

The prince wished she was alive so she could be his wife,

The prince persisted, and the dwarves let,

To take Snow White, with great regret,

The servants of the prince carried the coffin, but stumbled on the roots of a tree,

It was so badly jolted, the apple was flung out of Snow White and she got up on her knee,

The prince, Snow White alive, was delighted to see,

They became married, Snow White, bride to be,

The queen, to see Snow White alive, her rage was so great that she died instantly,

While the prince and Snow White lived happily.

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