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sunil saxena



sunil saxena


Self Made

Self Made

4 mins

We are all born out of the union of two lives

No one is self made

The moment, the time you are born is auspicious

Mother Earth has born you, nature has born you

There is no such thing or time or moment as inauspicious time of birth

If you say so, You are pointing fingers at, Mother Earth and nature

And calling her inauspicious

You are at fault in your own life

Mother Earth, nature, blesses you with life and that is divine

All those who say they are self made

They are what they are, because of the combined efforts

Of all those around them

Who were in step with them, to take them forward

And even then they say, they are self made, out of arrogance and ignorance

Even the sages, hermits, living in the caves of Himalaya are not self made

They also get enlightenment, from the going on of the world, around them

From the various lives, that touch them in one way or the other

And from there they find the right path of virtue and saint hood

Every one, who proudly says he is self made

Can only say because he has reached, a point of height in life

On the pillars of the support, of the ones, who helped him reach that height

He says, he is self made, because he does not look back, at the others, with an eye of passion

He only sees his passion, as the one that took him forward

While he considers others, who stood with him, just as passer by

No pillar can stand tall, without the support of Earth beneath

No self made is self made,

They are just arrogant, when this sing this word

No melody can be made, without the string of rhymes

No music can be made without the rhythm of the musician

No flower can blossom, without the seed from the nature

No one is made, without the love of others

No one is self made

A shadow, does not tell the character and personality of a person

One is just a shadow,

Without the love and support of the people around him

Everyone, who utters the word self made

Has reached a mile stone in life

Because the fuel that energized his journey

To the destination he has reached, and he has become a body of pride

And the position he has attained in the world

Is because of the unflinching, effort, support, love

Affection, advice, optimism, belief

Of the many who stand, as a pillar of support for him

Without them, the self made, who have remained just a shadow, in the night

that gets engulfed in the darkness, in time

Everyone who say self made, is a shining light because of the brightness

And the aura of the others of others around him

No one is self made

Everyone, who says self made, are the reflection,

Of all those, around them, who shines bright

And illuminate the world with their happy heart

One who harps, on the line, he is self made

Is just a Shanaa

Even Adam was not self made, Eve made him complete

No one is self made

One does not climb just one hill in a life time

And then stays on the peak, like a fixed flag

Until the wind blows it away

Climbing a hill is just one moment in life

One climbs down as well, and live many more moments in life as well

He prepares for that climb on that peak

With the hand in hand support and love, of those

Who awaken him, prepare him, for the many more moments to live

They call life

No one is self-made

Words alone, do not bring spring

To make the flowers blossom, you have to sow the seeds

To nurture the blossoming flowers, they need the roots

To kiss, the Mother Earth and to live and flourish in her cradle

You are just a flower dancing in the wind, that the world sees

What you do not see, is the stem, the thorn, the leaf and the root

That gives you the fragrance, to be a flower

The gods, that humanity of all the faiths,

Worshipped and worship,

Were also from the union of the divine

And you recite the words, self-made, from your own foolishness

The air you breath, is from the union of elements of nature

You flourish, because of the support of others, around you

Otherwise, you would be just a stump in the ground

And not a tree to form a canopy of influence

We are, what we are

Because of all the elements, that are in tune,

hand in hand  rhythm with each other

that support us, to make us stand tall

No one is self-made

Jai Hind

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