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Sake Of Love

Sake Of Love

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When we drifted apart,

Our lives totally changed,

Thought it's over forever.

Today, when we crossed each other

At the same restaurant we first met,

There was an alluring aura;

I was stupefied,

My eyes brimmed with joy,

Heart pounded to cry,

The loneliness and regret

For not being able to hold

Onto you last time,

I couldn't endure anymore.

Forbye, in your eyes,

I saw that spark,

The one I saw back on our first date;

And your silence,

Which spoke a thousand words

Showed your desire for love

Has never drained.

This glimpse of you was enough

To quench the thirst of love,

My heart was longing for.

That very moment, I felt

Our love could flower from the pain,

I could hold your hand and walk in the rain

And I wished, Just for once,

For the sake of love,

We could watch the stars together again.

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