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Supratim Mitra



Supratim Mitra


Rise In Love

Rise In Love

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I hold her hand on a shady noon

The ring glittering on her finger like a star

Oops it did not rhyme!

It doesn't matter, after all, it was her.

She crossed her finger in-between mine

And tilted her head towards me

With blinking eyes and childish smile

Cute right? Oh yes, my eyes could see!

In busy schedules and daily chores

Where money is more and less is time

You should feel lucky if you can say

"Oh yes! Someone is mine!"

Holding hands we sit under a tree

Taking a stole down the memory lane

Remembering the moments were not enough

We wanted it to be in a framed pane!

Lost in thoughts down the lane

The anger, the quarrels that root deep

But we both kept our promise

To hold back and only our love to keep.

Its the essence of life to go up and down

Moving on with sudden turn and twist

If holding on is considered to be art

We are surely the best artist!

With all this going on my mind

I was falling for her again from a million feet above

She held my hand firmly with love-filled eyes

"It's enough of the falling baby,

Now lets rise in love!"

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