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Rasmiranjan Biswal



Rasmiranjan Biswal


Redefining Eudaemonics

Redefining Eudaemonics

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Dance on the ground

Just down to your own feet

Oh soul mine!

Dance for your own glory

There in the thrilling touches will come

Shiver... Quiver....flow within

Merge emerge and immerse though self

Into the unknown....


Never follow

Never follow the path thy walked

Those are old enough for the new traveler

Just step and stamp your feet

Your path will be created then and there

Don't follow eagle's wings or shark's


Each part is undefined

Differently defined

By choice of your own heart


Oh mysterious soul!

Dance on your own ground

Feel the rhythm of heart and mind

Flow your emotions

Through your eyes....

Your tears will carry each answer

For your hurt, sorrow and joy

They can make you sense bliss

Dissolving your own being

Within mysterious self

Then they will make you glorious

Will say you have gone to heaven......

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