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Ishani Mishra

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Ishani Mishra

Abstract Classics Others

Poornima, Bengal's Daughter

Poornima, Bengal's Daughter

2 mins 204 2 mins 204

And my Aee, who left her heart behind in the golden land of Bengal, says so:

Take me away to my Bengal! 

For I'm her daughter, I'm the lover of her living chaos, 

I'm the softness that is Bengal, 

I'm the chaos which is Bengal, 

My banglar mukh longs for your company, 

As I soothe my ears with your songs of love,

Ballads that flow smoother than the Ganga, 

And heal the withering soul with their unearthly tunes, 

You're a world within a world, O Bengal! 

And you are the world within me! 

For your memory has saved my soul, 

Through years of the harshness of foreign lands, the roughness of their people, 

Bengal, you're an emotion to me, 

The lack of you has pained me for long, 

Your sorrowful beauty is eternal, 

And your secrets are uncovered by none. 

You are so mild, yet you shall never fade, 

You're the rage of Durga and the calm of the eastern hills, 

Your dirt, your tragic tales suit me better than the elixir of many worlds, 

I was not born on your land, 

But by the border, 

Do you know, that you have a daughter by the border, shall you keep me as your own? 

For my identity has become one with you, 

The language that I speak, 

The cloth that I drape, the cooking of my hand, the flavor of my tongue, my hearty desires, are all yours! 

Your love lies in your widest arms, 

That embrace all, 

The woman, the outcast, the homeless, the lunatic, the angel and also the devil! 

You're the home of the homeless, 

And the home also of them who are homeless in their hearts, 

You're a tradition that I obey, 

For you free me from the shackles of earthly life, 

That reeks of mindless routines and rituals, 

Of the foreign masses, who have never known your love, 

As I spend my sweet, sultry evenings, swooning over your melodies,

I wonder, what are you? 

And it strikes me! 

You're the warmest embrace, encompassing all, 

Transcending worldly boundaries;

It is your embrace, that I long for, 

So, will you embrace me, your daughter by the border?

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