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Argha Modak

Inspirational Others


Argha Modak

Inspirational Others

Pokémon Go And Corona

Pokémon Go And Corona

1 min 80 1 min 80

Oh! An egg is about to hatch!

You need to go out for several catch. 

I am a squirtle,

Looks like a turtle...

Can you catch me?

Before I flee!

But it is time of sad

As corona attack the world very bad.

I wanna go out and be happy.

Now I stay home like a snappy

There are several players 

But among them legends are rare


They are legend for adventure of tragedy, 

Not only for catching legendary.

I remember the day of first catching of mewtwo..

Playing with players few!


Now I am not able to spin pokestops,

As I can't go college from the bus stops.


Incense gives us only chance

To look at the pokémon at a glance

Please help! Please help! Please help!

My phone stay alone on the self!


My wish for the world recovering soon;

For playing Pokemon go at the shining sun and moon .........

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