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I will disappoint when it comes to romance

I have never timely grabbed any chance

The reason I find over my failure

Has to be stubbornness on my stance

Okay, I understand you had some hope

But you can still leave and elope

I will manage it as always somehow

You can remove me from your scope

Fine then, your frustration is now visible

But for you, it's always been so trifle

So it doesn't matter in any case 

Let my hopes continue to feeble

Sorrow some sort of, would be there

Minute it maybe but I can share

Even if I falter often when needed

You know deep down that I still care

So what, so what if I make you regret

It won't be that tough for you to forget

But I might still stroll through your mind

How? I think that's still an open secret

Yes okay, can I still try and act a bit farce

I have never believed in the movement of my stars

Maybe you can consider my Good's if any!

Also, I can try and work on my romance !!

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