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Whenever she took a step towards her destiny,

She found herself being pulled by shackles by the people of, what we call society. 

She turned around looking at them, a drop of tear on the brink of her waterline. 

She shrieked 'My dream awaits me, let me go'.

The chains of shackle were pulled harder

Giving her bruises on the wrist.

She fainted down on the ground panting,

Somewhere deep-down feeling like a defeated being.

The dreams she saw open-eyed,

The retrospection of those sleepless nights,

The little glass bottle of her inestimable dreams,

Lied shattered on the floor.

She looked around for someone who would save her,

But all in vain. 

She was too exhausted to get up again,

Her state too devastated to start up again.

Thank you, society, for bringing to her this shame,

She was born with her destiny paralyzed, she took up the blame. 

She was a girl and she understood your game. 

She tried to decipher the underlying irony of being born a girl in the 21st century.

Time changed, but still at a point or other she felt discriminated from her male counterparts.

Between the illusions of equality, this was the tale of reality. 

And she ran away to her sleep,

And dreamt of para-paradise, PARADISE!

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