Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Kiran Sharma

Others Tragedy


Kiran Sharma

Others Tragedy

Not Every Success Is A Glory!

Not Every Success Is A Glory!

2 mins

In a happy family,

Full of wealth and mirth,

I was born as the eldest kid,

Who had to take up responsibilities and never quit!

Growing up, dad saw in me a scientist,

Ohh! He really dreamt of me joining NASA.

And mom being a professor herself,

Loved watching me busy in the bookshelf!

To them, 100 out of 100,

Had to be the only class score.

And an ‘A’ in all the subjects,

Was the sole grade to make them happy and relaxed!

But amid the hustle of what to score,

And what to take up as the graduation course,

My heart and soul kinda found their relief,

When I took up the pen and wrote my saga in brief!

Well despite, nothing much the fate could offer,

And I had to struggle with engineering books,

Which almost bounced off my head,

Making me an utter failure and awfully dead!

With each passing semester,

As I managed a heavy stack of back exams,

I could somehow surmount them all and made it to my degree,

While drowning the passionate writer in a profound sea!

And yes, today a certified engineer,

I still find least interest in designing computer programs.

Eagerly craving to revive my unpublished novels,

Which are dying each day and becoming fossils!

Well this is why they say,

Not every success is a glory.

For all that I have attained today,

Could be an achievement to some.

But only a few know that deep inside,

It’s my heart that has grown numb!

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