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Poulomee Paul

Children Inspirational


Poulomee Paul

Children Inspirational

New Life

New Life

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Mother cried, "My daughter,

I have not smiled for days,

I also want to be happy,

But can't find ways.

I had lived a life full of rules

And pain,

But now want to break all rules,

And learn to live once again."

The daughter replied holding her hand,

"Mother, I will be your magical wand.

I will teach you how to smile;

Help you walk that extra mile.

Now, you will see the new

Colors of life,

You also have an identity,

More than being only

A mother or wife.

Understand your worth dear Mother

There is no looking back;

You have so many unique qualities

Which many people lack.

Run behind the clouds,

Touch the sky,

Wipe off your tears,

You were born to fly.

If you fall,

I will be there

To hold your hand, and show

How much I care.

Have trust dear Mother,

It is never too late;

If you try,

You can always change your fate.

Once you gave me a new life,

Now I will give you one;

Live a life you always missed,

And have lots of fun."

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