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Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama


Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama

My Buddy

My Buddy

2 mins 403 2 mins 403

I cannot do away with my mate,

The only loyal friend of mine.

He hides without a hint,

He is shy in front of strangers.

Retreats calmly from the scene,

With a sigh of relief from outsiders.

I cannot find him in the dim,

He does not spring up quickly.

Sometimes scare me in the dark,

Maybe he is afraid of dimness,

Just like I am scared of the dark.

He clings to me day and night,

Follows me down without a doubt,

Yet, I do not see him often.

I feel his presence all the time,

Footsteps can be heard,

That comes from behind.

However, he vanishes,

Without a trace,

It's the greatest deception,

He never speaks about this.

I notice him only in the light,

Any time of day or night.

What is so good about him,

As he never leaves me alone?

No, it's not accurate.

My buddy never complains,

He is always silent.

Is he dumb from birth?

It hurts to think,

About his vulnerability.

He never ever whines,

In happy times,

Or in the gloomy nights.

My friend under light,

He tries never to leave me,

Despite my violent outbursts,

He stays with me forever,

Only to merge with the flicker of light.

He prefers to be by my side,

Whether in scorching weather,

Or on dreary nights.

He never disrupts my life,

Always walking beside me,

Even when I ask him not to.

My buddy is not whole,

Somedays, he grows big in size,

Other days he reduces to dot,

He shrivels himself in many ways.

Even disappears in the dark,

Without bidding me goodbye.

Seldom, I shriek in panic,

In the middle of the still night,

When I discover him on my bed,

Throwing lazy glances at me,

I find him through night lamp,

He has settled so cozily there.

I could not get rid of my friend,

However hard I tried,

He stared at me with an angelic face,

I could never ignore him entirely,

Had to pull up and let him stay.

The friend is insensitive,

To my personal life.

I find him everywhere,

In my daily routine.

In my conference room,

When I am meeting people,

May be enjoying the pool time,

Or in my other Me times,

What a nuisance he is?

He tags along with me.

It may be cruel on my part,

Still, I have to make a choice,

It may seem sad,

But, I have to break his heart.

I will ask my buddy to go away,

To give back my privacy,

At least for a day.

I doubt he will ever listen,

When I know, he's stubborn by nature.

He pays no heed,

To my love or hatred.

Yet eager to follow me,

Down the life's hill,

Calmly ignoring my protests.

Hard to get a friend in life,

He is My shadow.

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