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Sachish Singla



Sachish Singla


Mumbai Diaries

Mumbai Diaries

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As I was in Mumbai for my son’s admission,

In IIT Bombay, a prestigious institution.

We spent one day in the city to explore,

The sound of the sea was so pacifying, sitting on its shore.

Gateway of India is a great monument,

Clicking pictures, eating vada pao, great time there we spent.

The pigeons there were always ready for a flight,

Taj hotel with a mirror image in the rain was a delight.

The life early morning was not so fast,

Watching sea at Juhu beach, you feel nature is so vast.

Walking beside marine drive with waves hitting its side,

Cool breeze and showers of water make you fresh from inside.

Going on a ferry to Elephanta caves was full of fun,

A bumpy ride on return was enjoyed by everyone.

Elegance of caves here add to its beauty,

Avoiding pollution and conserving them is our utmost duty.

Stay at IIT guesthouse was also very good,

They take good care of you with delicious food.

Kune fall was falling from a very high crest,

There, nature was at it’s best.

I have heard that Mumbai has so many good places to visit,

But the shortage of time and heavy rains prevented us to enjoy a bit.


Now it was time to thank almighty for all this,

A visit to thank Siddhi Vinayak for fulfilling our wish.

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