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Apoorva goyal

Inspirational Others Children


Apoorva goyal

Inspirational Others Children

Mom: You Complete Me

Mom: You Complete Me

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I love you, dear Mom,

You complete my life,

With your subtle teachings,

Scoldings and your loving preaching.

You are my Mitochondria,

You are my Power Bank,

You make everything all right,

Without you, everything is blank.

You gave up your successful career,

Just to take care of me,

You became a full-time mom,

Just to see me grow and become free.

You have made me responsible,

You have made me strong,

You have taught me in life,

What is right and what is wrong.

You knew what I wanted,

Even before I knew it myself,

You pushed me in the right direction,

Making me achieve perfection.

You made me an engineer,

You made me a writer,

You made me so happy,

You made me a strong fighter.

You taught me to fight for my rights,

You taught me to never crumble down,

You taught me to have patience,

To love and how to win the crown.

I never knew you went through so much,

I never knew you held so much pain,

Only now when I am in your position,

I can relate to your sacrifice and strain.

I want you to forgive me,

For being so choosy in eating,

Now that I have to cook myself,

I know that you should have given me a beating.

Motherhood is a difficult task,

Now I know it in detail,

Thank you for being my everything,

My muscle, my love, and my veil.

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