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Memories And Nostalgia

Memories And Nostalgia

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If you believe in the finiteness of yourself,

If you believe in the infiniteness of the cosmos itself,

You will know that some things are beyond control,

Beyond the understanding of your limited soul,

Memory is one such thing,

They are made through sight, sound, and smell,

Somewhere deep-seated in our hearts they dwell, 

Memories are much like us,

Trust me not very different are they,

They are born, they grow and slowly slip into the oblivion,

A place, so dark and grey, that you can't recall then at all! 

But some are not so simple,

They are indelible and etched forever,

They may break out a smile on your frayed lips,

Or just leave you shattered and in sheer dismay,

But ain't it how the universe works? 

Yin and yang, good and evil,

There's always a balance, so optimum,

So delicate, yet so congruent! 

Your soul is chained in the castle of memories,

The shackles will cut through your heart,

If you try to struggle and un-entangle,

They can spread a shroud over you, 

And make you a living dead mortal!

The more you whine, the more you drown,

Matters of mind and heart work in ways that are strange,

Why not try embracing them as they are, for a change!

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