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Naila Hina



Naila Hina




4 mins 232 4 mins 232

Weather is beautiful

I am loving it.

I am figure dancing

In secret nothing,

My soul has been in

Synchrosiation with you since beginning.

The whole drama is making sense,

And I can see it on a big canvas as

A lovely scenery with all the patches

Of reality along with fewest most agreeable scenes

Of love which can surpass

All fiction n drama.

I am loving it.

First song after 'Aae dil e nanadan'

Was 'jaan e jaan

dhoondti phir rahee

hoon tumhein rad din

mein yahan se wahan...'

It haunts me coz it was picturized in Russia

And reminds me of all the tales by Tolstoy and Chekhov n Dostoevsky etc

And the hauntingly beautiful areas of Russia...

So I had sent you that.

And this figure skating on ice is a part of it.

I don't just want to do 59 fucking positions but

More than that I wanted the whole symphony throughout

Our lifetime and beyond, cs I am loving it.

I am a hopelessly romantic person,

But the bumps u gave adds reality to the otherwise too much unearthly situations

So I am loving it.

But you told me that you married to someone else

And had children, its somewhat out of the boundary of our canvas

So I could not get it or digest it.

You left me many times for whatever reasons,

I tried my best to make the duality of the situation

Somewhat sensible. So I wrote, always, though you always stopped

And made a scene or two to leave the ground. You said you don't love.

I took it as your interest in cards,

So I sent ace of spade

And the queen of hearts as it suited

To our situation most, along with a guitar named

On you, as to music which binds

Us and You should be loving it, but

Again you did something very unromantic, but

This hardness shows your stylish artificiality

Which never come to terms with my naturality,

So I have to love it.

Cos you are a man n have a right to be hard.

Your friend recently added me

I don't know how he found me,

Anyway, I didn't let him in.

Thought I should tell you.

What is a drama if the audience is not there, after all.

So all the entries and exists for occasional

Players only colour the otherwise smooth look of our painting, so ....

Since long you have been testing me, I don't

Know why it was necessary at all,

Means you never trusted

Me, cos if you did, you won't.

But still I am loving it throughout.

I played as per your rules, always.

If you didn't like to be recognised

I never let myself called

You with your name cos I wanted

You to say the truth, cos I am dependable. Is life a lesser

Tester that we also start testing each other,

Let life test us, that was my motto, I believed love can pass

Every test life gives, but may not pass

The test which is taken by someone in the name of love,

Who doesn't love himself?

I am loving it!

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