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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj


Love Thyself

Love Thyself

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Morning beams 

enveloping the Earth's couch 

With golden sheets,

With freshness in my senses,

The soul directs me

To hear my heartthrob

That pumps blood into my veins,

I am awake,

Mind, with a new resolve 

Affirms, Embrace yourself.

Every nerve resounds,

Live for yourself,

Appreciate what you possess,

Your goodness, your badness;

Heal your soul,

Seal your wounds.

The fresh air 

Sends a signal to ears,

You are

A unique creation!

You care 

For the world,

But utmost is you,

Care for yourself.

Happy! if you really are,

The world too will be.

Serve the world,

Yes, first serve yourself.

Freshen your mind, Explore

The most real of you,

The kindest of you,

The generous you,


Be kind, caring 

And compassionate too.

Let each nerve

Of your body say,

I am happy, I am healthy.

Just dig deep,

Understand your needs, 

And live, love and fly 

With the wings of faith 

Beyond vast blue expanse,

Beyond horizon.

The world looks amazing

Promising, breezes soothing,

When you Love yourself.

So love thyself,

Just love thyself................

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