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Varun Bhatia

Drama Romance


Varun Bhatia

Drama Romance

Love Story 2

Love Story 2

2 mins 12.6K 2 mins 12.6K

I always wanted to talk to her,

Wanted to say what's there in me,

Is it because I need her,

Or is it because I am lonely?

I saw her online on Instagram,

"C'mon! You're the man",

I began to type,

But then I froze,

"Eeewww gross!!",

What if she thinks like that,

Maybe I should go to WhatsApp,

But damn do I have her contact,

Relax! Let's do it,

I have dealt with lately a lot more shit!

"Hey. We live nearby. I saw you that day,

Will, you be my friend?",

I threw the phone and ran away!

I came back and the message wasn't seen,

How stupid could I have been,

To even expect a reply,

Well, I shouldn't be living with a lie!

But I went back,

Wrote her a snippet,

"..You know what best friends are for?

I love Avengers,

And I know you love Thor,

But you know that was just to rhyme,

And it's about time,

Since we saw each other,

My feelings for you, and this friendship,

I promise, is gonna last forever!"

There was a lot more,

That I wrote,

But I couldn't tell it here,

Trust me, I am sore!

My phone tinged,

And I couldn't blink,

She replied,

No, it isn't a lie,

"I have no words to express,

I started off with a smile,

Suddenly could feel a knot in my stomach,

and then a surge throughout the body,

And by the last line, I was smiling again"

We chatted,

I made her smile,

And next week I am going to take her for a drive,

I wish we could go a thousand more miles!

Finally, I realized,

It's about going out there,

Without fear,

Sayin out loud,

I want to hold her tight,

I want to be her shroud,

For all my life,

It's my ode to love,

And it's my way of telling you,

Come what may, I won't ever let you go!

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