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Swati Sarangi

Abstract Others


Swati Sarangi

Abstract Others

Lockdown Reflections

Lockdown Reflections

1 min

Little did I know that

The virus would spread

The way it did

Locking us up in our

Confinements for duration;

Completely uncertain

It was a novel beginning for me

A phase of life with a surprise

Just after the grand celebration

Witnessing get-together of

Family and friends

With vows made for lifetime

Around the sacred fireplace

I found my partner of crime

To stick to him forever

A new life at a new place during

This dreadful phase of pandemic

It was as if God’s plan for

Letting us to create memories; epic

I checked for my bucket list

What could be a better chance

Than this to strife out one by one

From that endless list

Started with selected movies and series

Then moved to my reading list

Experimented cooking new dishes

And setting up a new home

It was never a task so easy;

Sometimes got overwhelmed by anxiety

For staying miles away from my kith and kins

And a deep longing for a meet


All I could do is to keep myself busy

In the activities which made me feel alive

Be it dancing, singing or painting

Reading or trying out new things

Perhaps it is going to be a phase

To be most cherished in future

To reflect upon my blessings

And feel most grateful for.

T’ was a perfect moment away from

Hustle and bustle of life

Where the nature recovered its form

Away from several damages

Like the nature, I too tried

Detoxifying myself from the

Technology surrounding me

And I was born again.

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