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Ishika Aggarwal



Ishika Aggarwal




2 mins 233 2 mins 233

On the terrace I sat, drowned in my hot chocolate,

Overflowing with the marshmallows, being a burden,

Yet being engulfed by the darkness of the sweetness, the delicate

Thick, mushy layer soon dissipated, the beauty abandoned.

A soulful zephyr winding me back 

To my solitary yet chaotic past,

In my own snowglobe of life, memories in a sac,

Each snowflake's scribbles melting, to let my life's mayhem blast.

There I was under the rainbow,

Dizzy with bewilderment,

What? Where? and Why? were only erupting to halt to the echo

Of the rushing waters and the buoyant daisies, forcing words of endearment.

Camouflaged in the yellow daisies,

The five years me swaying in the flow,

On nature endearing bed, which everyone fancies,

The genuine smile I witnessed forced me to adore myself so mellow.

Just a blink and I was fourteen,

Buried in passion and knowledge,

The look on my face hypnotized me with the aspiration to master so keenly,

Swedging with fate, definitely not niche.

Why was I on my knees again?

Oh yeah! It was my first fall from a flight so high,

Shuddering with pain, bruises so blue shattering my hopes to grains

Too scattered for me alone, everyone departed with a face so wry.

 It was then I realized what trust and kinship meant,

Yes, it made me miserable, but only to make me more fierce,

I made sure it was the apocalypse of desolation and resentment,

I stitched my heart with threads of success, nothing be able to pierce.

I was back on my terrace,

My face gleaming with tears of joy and grief,

Took me a second to bind me and my journey so precious,

Yet I was lost again in the dark but shimmering abyss of life.

Sufferings are soft pats of life on the shoulder,

They make the dark abyss shimmer with coups and finesse,

There's no perfect life unless we use a filter

To disallow life's scenery be washed away with tears which fostered success.

It was then I realized,

The marshmallows were our life's glorious excerpts,

Which mustn't be buried in our dark chocolate but be appraised,

To hasten and gulp it before they're swallowed by words.

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