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Sundararajan Lalitha



Sundararajan Lalitha




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Sky was bright with the sun shining 

Morning dew and birds chirping. 

Day and night cycle for human race 

Running throughout, no reason to chase 

Zero time spent to enjoy nature 

Earthlings is nothing but a simple creature 

There comes a day, an alarming pandemic 

Suddenly life turns just monochromatic 

The globe shockingly in a stand-still

Now, it's left with the sciences' will. 

Everyone needed a break from work,

And so do I, says earth with a smirk.

Closed are temples, monuments and malls

Essentials and social workers, duty calls 

Entire nation under choiceless lockdown 

An effort for the spread to slow down 

Be at home! Be at home! 

You are not supposed to roam! 

Staying indoors is the biggest assistance 

Sanitize, stay safe, keep one's distance 

Doctors and nurses serving tirelessly 

Keep praying to God selflessly. 

Happiness is to see universe healing, 

Virus required to understand feelings? 

Quarantine, so running out of ideas? 

Here is the sea of seas:

Hey! sketch, paint, puzzle, read a book 

Enhance and taste food, the head cook. 

Workout, meditate, mind prepare 

Time for some self care 

Make choices on what to wear 

Kids' games to be played fair. 

Learn something true and new 

Might help in a career to pursue. 

Quickly finish work in computer 

Organize and clear the clutter.

List of unwatched movies and series 

All these are beyond theories. 

A lot more things keeps away boredom 

Gulp this in as it's current freedom. 

Start loving to spin in this orbit 

Because it takes 21 days to form a habit!

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