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Soma Ganguli

Inspirational Others Children


Soma Ganguli

Inspirational Others Children



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Independence; a word that expresses freedom, 

Of games, you can play,

Of food, you can eat,

Of places, you can stay.

Independence; a word that gives you right,

To put forward your views,

To criticize one's deed,

To question others through. 

Independence; a word that sets you free,

To follow the path you like,

To pursue the skill you choose,

To have a hobby for life. 

Independence; a word that holds your mind,

To take you through dreams,

Break all barriers, 

And grow your self-esteem. 

Independence; a word about competency, 

To make ourselves reliable, 

To be happy and seek happiness,

To prove, yes, we are capable. 

Independence; a word that also queries, 

To let you probe and point,

To search and seek all answers, 

And also to conjoint.

Independence; a word that epitomizes,

Our cultural liberty, 

A note to symbolize, 

Our traditional quality and quantity. 

Independence; a day in August, 

The day being fifteenth, 

It brings immense pleasure to wish,

Congratulate and greet. 

Wishing everyone a very happy Independence Day # Free India 

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