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Charles Kemp



Charles Kemp




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There is always hope, came the thought

Faith, hope and courage cannot be bought

Leaving the house I stepped into the cold

Gathering my courage I tried to be bold

The news exclaimed, don't leave the house

But the little food I had couldn't feed a mouse

So, I am on a mission for scavenging food

To bring home to a ravenous, hungry brood

I wave to an empty bus passing silently by

Staring at lifeless sidewalks in the eerie, lonely night

Reaching the store, searching for toilet paper

Empty shelves? hey! did someone pull a caper?

I ask the stock boy is there more in the back?

He said if there were you might get jacked

He hollers newspaper might work, just go and get some

if you don't mind news print all over your bum

I dropped my groceries and gave him a wedgie

Then gathered my goods including the spaghetti

Paying the cashier I stepped out in the gloom

To overhear a stranger proclaim all is not doomed

I stopped and cried "Did you hear the lastest?"

If only the old people die it will be the greatest!

The hospitals are filled and the bodies are many

Though it's hard to conceive in this land of plenty

He said 

"Ahh! I Am a Prophet and I See Great, Glorious Light."

That Will Flow Over The Earth and Obliterate This Blight

I See The Power of God Saving Wretched Souls

For I Have a Vision That All Shall Behold

Archangel Michael's Mighty Angels Assemble

Blasting The Dark Shadows, Making Them Scurry and Tremble

Jesus Christ And Angels Have

Gathered Around

Hearing Jehovah's Voice Cry

Let This Sickness Be Bound

The Power Of Light, Love And Might Shall Heal

I Abolish This Darkness By God's Grace, Divine Power And Will

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