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Raja Sekhar CH V

Abstract Action Classics


Raja Sekhar CH V

Abstract Action Classics

Grand Visakhapatnam

Grand Visakhapatnam

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Welcome to an extremely rare metropolitian city of beautiful Visakhapatnam,

Located nearby is the holy Simhachalam Shrine of Sri Varahalakshminarasimha,

Having a coastline vibrating with with infinite ripples full of natural beauty,

The continuous development and prosperity is with blessings of Goddess Kanakamahalakshmi

The evergreen devotional hymns of the historical poet Srikantha Krishnamacharyulu are everlasting,

Unforgettable is a scientific discovery by the Noble prize laureate physicist Sri Chandrasekhar V Raman,

The classical music of the prestigious scholar Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Nookala Satyanarayana is very unique,

The literary work of Gollapudi and melodious songs of Sri Sri Arudra Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry are memorable

The Waltair metro city houses India's first shipbuilding yard in a natural harbour,

The Northern Andhra eastcoastline is blessed with one of the best natural seaport,

The Vizag Steel City supplies the needed fuel for the country through the Oil Refinery,

The fastest developing city of destiny is a major hub for sophisticated industrialization

The ninteenth century old Ankitam Venkata Narasimha college is jewel of education,

The Andhra University is the seat of the higher education in various disciplines,

The picturesque beaches of Bheemili or Ramakrishna and Rushikonda are decorations,

The mega city of Visakhapatnam is the symbol of self-respect and pride of Andhra people

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