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Inspirational Others Children



Inspirational Others Children



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Once lived a girl,

known for her eyes, was she.

Large, black ones she had,

beautiful and confident,

her eye was bad, only for herself.

'Pretty hair' once she said,

next time that hair came out short,

beautiful dress, she felt,

She lost it too, it got torn,

She too was sad, her eyes she blamed.

To her mother, she went,

one summer day it was,

a beautiful doll she had,

as a gift it reached her,

she cried for its loss.

"My eyes are bad," said she,

"It makes me sad, mother,

sights which are pretty disappear,

how can one not feel so,

I can't lie to myself mother."

"Your eyes are pretty and good,

Dear it should be, to you,

Sights may be bad or good,

choose always good dear,

you are not to be blamed."

"I tested it mother,

One, two, fifty times, maybe,

Each time, they lose their beauty,

I should change my eyes mother,

I want beauty to stay still."

"Don't change your eyes,

That mind needs a change, dear.

eyes are meant to see,

mind and heart are to be changed,

darkness when curbs them."

With a smile continued she,

"Think different dear,

not, why does this happen,

Instead what should I learn,

don't blame those eyes again"

"Materialistic world can have,

good, bad ones in it,

not to be differentiated by look,

but by heart my dear,

feel the beauty with heart."

"Impossible it is, mother,

materials are heartless,

that is unlikely to help,

eyes get fixed to pretty ones,

no help can be made it seems."

"Dear, what about the ones,

'BLIND' we call them,

beauty for them is in feelings,

the touch they do,

'Sights' mean different to them."

"Dear, unaware of your beauty,

unaware of the colourless world,

people like me live,

for the beauty is in words and touch,

The warmth from sights, we not know."

When you get one,

you ask more,

'Greedy' we call them,

unhappy when you are,

think of the ones, without that gift."

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