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Roza Kerim

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Roza Kerim

Drama Inspirational Others

From depression to happiness

From depression to happiness

2 mins 195 2 mins 195

Biting my crimson lip, I spill my ink, in the complete solitude of the night,

Veiled like a sweet cherub, the angel of death, has long since set its sight

Was I delusional, delirious, a lack of sound mind?

When I was trashing like an animal, seeing yet being blind?

My tears formed a river of salty crystal water

Waiting to be ingested, I jocularly prepared for another

For what point it is resisting where your sobbing turns to laughter?

Are you laughing at yourself to alleviate the blunder?

I was black in a multicolored world, I thought I lost your encompasing love 

For I was but a wolf in sheep's clothing, yet I cried for offensing the pure Dove

Or so I thought I did, my worst enemy was my mind

And I wanted to end it all, thinking I had that right

All my family consoling, hugging me yet I felt numb

To the world I was a statue, a cruel one, under the thumb

Of a lie I, myself had formed, in my ridiculous and frightened state

For to please the one who made me, I wanted to discombabulate 

My already confused mind, for I yearned to expire, badly, without a sight

I set the sun and moon in my parent's eyes, yet I thought I belonged to the night

It was called sickness, depression, bad state of mind

I was rarely offended, unless the crazy jokes started to take flight 

In the middle of my torment I found a new reason to live

Which brought me back, like an anchor to the shore, it let me breathe

I said I do know the truth, even if misleading doubts, like poisonous arrows

Want to devour me whole, to make the deliciours corpse for worms and crows

And I knew I might have offended love a little, yet love was truthful and forgiving

He didn't mislead the truth, I was innocent of the heinous sin, I was breathing

And I said one thing, an oath I will be keeping

Every second loving you is a second worth living.

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