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Evil Busters

Evil Busters

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They put on their shoes,

They put on their jacket,

They put on their gadgets,

As they were on the mission to the haunted house.

They reached the haunted mansion, without a siren in their vehicle.

They analyzed the haunted mansion occupied with several zombies.

Some were old,

Some were young,

They sensed the negative vibe in the darkness

With the magnetic field detector which they possessed.

They took their positron gun and shot at the zombie.

Finally, the Ghost gave up and got locked in the container,

by unlocking life in the zombie.

Their Tunic was a special occasion,

Their gizmos were innocence,

Their detector was observation and empathy,

Their positron was happiness and affection.

They preferred to be evil busters by capturing the negative vibe and purifying sobbing souls.

For a liberated soul, it does make a difference in life, and belief in humanity.

Capture pain and rage of haunted souls,

By sharing an affection for a day

With the people who are in need,

Age no bar for being part of the evil busters army.

Will you be, a one-day Evil Buster, and raise an army of

Evil Busters?

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