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kisa fatima



kisa fatima


Dreams To Die For

Dreams To Die For

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Chasing the melliferous dreams, I came so far,

Travelling through different phases of life, learning from every scar,

Leaning forward enviously to my future self in oblivion,

Hopeful to conquer that dream bizzare.

Hardships come and go, surreal spirit keeps me cheered on,

Something ineffable awaits me at the other end with each passing dawn,

Serenade amuses me I walk along, a somnambulist though,

Hopeful to conquer that dream with courage to dwell on.

Dreams to die for they say, why not to live up every moment,

Lets try to be awake in our dreams, try being adamant,

Break all the stereotypes, leave behind the race,

Live this only life with ethereal pace nothing is a predicament.

All are traversing path to their dreams, lets see where we go,

Failures, hatred, bashing all's gonna come to make it even thou,

Still keeping up with that dream till you die will make a real you,

Lets live and love, cherish every moment high or low,

Learning from failures, happiness with each success,

Let not disappointment bemuse you with distress,

Everyone has it hard why backing out then and now,

Follow the ethereal serenade, to your dreams you get access.

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