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Docking The Lost Family

Docking The Lost Family

2 mins

O My Friends

Lovely and Pleasant Evening

Welcome, You’re Welcome

Everybody Welcome and be in your seats

This day is ours

It’s my pleasure to invite you

My happiness is countless

Lovely affections are priceless

Lost family in the combat, a nightmare

My last thought was hope and hope

Can’t find my family in hard days

Living a life in a state of shock

Those days were dangerous

Life conditions were pathetic

Difficult days never expect again

No trace, where my family was

Search could find no result

Hopes vanished with cold feet legs

Left alone, in the combat life zone

God alone knew, where the family was ǁ

Spent years like exile ways

Thoughts and hopes dried and evaporated

Lonely feelings followed like shadows

Life rolled like a Turquoise Bulldozer

Felt sorry for poor state of life

Can’t take decisions in a fit of rage

Hopes’ not lost, still in hopes

Expect family to reunite soon

The bombarding sounds worried a lot

Gun fires and bombs are common in battles

Worst hit days, looks to be gone

Winning battle is a joyous thing

Relieved with a relief from the position of war

Back to pavilion, after success of war

Routine work lead to sigh of relief

Partying in parties became a common feature

Months and years rolled away soon

Friends and relations are my Everest ones

Few my friends are thickest lot

Entertainment leads to killing the day’s

One day received news like surprise

Message floated in a spirited way

As I through letter, my heart danced well

My thoughts travelled in a rocket jet speed

News came like a lightening flash

Family was safe at my remote native

Legs danced like Michael Jackson speed

Tongue became wet with beer and wine

My luck and click, expected early

Docking the family, hoped for soon

Its luck of me worked out well

Felt happy feel for docking the lost family

Am happy for docking the lost family

God is great and is blessed by Him.

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