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sunil saxena



sunil saxena


Divine Rae My Lovely , My Love ……

Divine Rae My Lovely , My Love ……

3 mins

Divine Rae, you send me messages in your words

I am yours

With two hearts painted

Side by side touching each other

Why do pain your heart

Touching mine with your tender soul

You know I have heart of stone

I can only give you a heartache

Why do pain me with your sad stare

Why do you tear my heart

Why do you tear my soul

With you never knowing me how I feel

When you can never see all of my heart

When you can never read me in between the lines

No matter how well, even if you read me like an open book

I am still The heart of stone

You know I am the liar

You know I am the pretender

I Look in your beautiful eyes

Sitting before you and talking to you

Your words, I am yours

 Painted before my eyes

Your two heart painted side by side, touching each other

Always glare at me

Like the sun shining in my eyes

Smarting me scaring me

Making me always think of you

Every time I look at them

You are the tender soul

Why do you stare at me from far like there is no tomorrow

Like it is now or never

You drive a wedge of love for you in my heart of stone

By your soft sad gentle stares from far

You torture my emotions for hurting your gentle soul

You take my peace of mind away from me

With the thought of seeing you sad

Your charming smile on your lips, silent

Why do your tear my soul Divine Rae

Why do you tear my heart Divine Rae

I know you can speak a thousand words, with your smile

But I only pain your gentle heart

Why don’t you pull away

You are the queen of hearts

But you will be in my heart

In my dreams

In my words for you

Thoughts of you in my soul

If you ask my life

I will give it to you

Without a word of protest on my lips

Without a flinch on my face

Divine Rae, Divine Rae, divine Rae

You are in my dreams

You are in my thoughts

You are in my words I write for all

You rule my soul

The control my heart

You are the loveliest

You are the beauty from heavens

Your beautiful almond-shaped eyes

With the shine of the moon in them

Your lovely smile like a sunshine

Your lovely rosy cheeks

Soft delicate like the petals of flowers

Your beautiful soft long hair like flowers waving in the wind

Your laughter, soft melodious, that will enlighten a thousand souls

Your tears, beautiful like dew on rose petals, full of love and passion

So lovely, so beautiful, so gentle, so charming, so sexy

So melodious, so slender, so kind, so fascinating

So infatuating, so intoxicating, so mesmerizing, so divine

So delicate, so soft, so silky, so tender, so hauntingly beautiful

Beauty among beauties

 The Queen of Hearts

Lovelier than the loveliest

Sweeter than the sweetest

Charming than the most charming

Cutest than the cutest

Sexier than the sexiest

Melodious than the melodies

I just can’t take my eyes off you

You have my world in your feet

Your wish is my command

Divine Rae, you are my love

You are my passion

I only want to tell you

You are in my dreams

How can I tell you, how much I love you

I see you everywhere

In every leaf

In every droplet of the dew

In my every prayer

In my every worship

You have become my religion

I have lost my religion in loving you

You are the goddesses

Of love, of passion

You are Aphrodite

Divine Rae, you are the most beautiful

Divine Rae, Divine Rae, you are the fairest of them all

Divine Rae

I am just a romantic

I can only love you from far

Until I am not in your soft lovely arms

In your love embrace

I just can’t take my eyes off you

My Divine Rae, my lovely

I love you, I just love you

And I don’t lie to you

When I say I love you

I just don’t tell you the truth

I am just an incorrigible flirt

Always flirting with you

Always throwing the passions of my heart all around you

My Divine Rae, I love you

I know, you know, I lie, when I say I love you

My Divine Rae, how much I love you

You are my love

You are my darling

You are my babe

Divine Rae

My love

My love

My love…………..

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