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Prachi Arora



Prachi Arora


Dejected Solider

Dejected Solider

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This title is too high.

You need courage and passion by side,

To hold this position and keep the country's pride.

It was my duty.

To maintain peace and serenity,

I served my county with full honesty

But today for myself I feel pity!

Oh yeah! we won the battle that night.

But I lost a precious gem of my life,

I didn't let enemies cross the borderline

Still, I couldn't save my lifeline.

I feel tormented and broken inside...

I only wonder why it was destined?

I could only see my brother dying

Why God? You did this in front of my eyes.

I can't forget that battle's sight.

Why wasn't I shoot that night?

How do I make his family feel light?

Even when I can't calm my mind.

I bore the bloodshed & fight.

But I can't accept the death of my lifeline

We promised to let our flag shine

He sacrificed & saved the life of mine.

I owe a lot to him.

For me, he made his existence dim

I can only cry as he isn't here

Someone wake me up from this nightmare.

I only imagine he isn't dead...

He is by my side now and forever...

I am a SOLDIER...

This Title is too high...

Anyhow you have to SACRIFICE!

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