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Deep Onto Deed

Deep Onto Deed

1 min 71 1 min 71

Deep onto deed

Just to take a peak

Longing for quaint laughter

Played in a quick game of here after

Chasing at the moment

Colored mountains with creme style donuts

The tender eye of Bob Ross trees matters

First a mark onto all diligence

Climb the ladder of charm influence

A push to reckon the alarm

Chase back the Willow of harm

Don't stress the canopy

Holding things we come at ease

Lifting high the radiant eye

Blissful care from the fresh Autumn air

Love for each blissful care

Through the hills quaint acquaintance

Just to make the right sleeve

Tempered of a broken heart

Let loose through shattered glass

In a whole host of pictures

Searching through tempers aim

Like a target above the rim

Balls of holly left asunder

At a first glance notice

Treasure the oats among us

Traveling in a house that's clean

Shades of red, blue and green

Shaped the water into a storm


Longing for a way of escape

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