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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Aranya Das



Aranya Das


Dear Ex-Love

Dear Ex-Love

2 mins

Dear Ex(es),

How have you been? Hopefully good because I do not intend to text you right now. 

Sounds rude? May be. 

But I am just following what I believe – you can never be friends with your ex. 

You must be scratching your head right now.

Oh! Did you forget how good I am with birth dates?

August… isn’t it your birthday month?

Being a moderate believer of zodiacs, I always thought it is good to be with a virgo, being a virgo.

Little did I realize back then, that some zodiacs work like magnets – 

Like poles repel each other. 

And virgo was one of these. 

It has been years and/or months since we broke off.

No. I do not miss you. I have moved on. 

But yes, when I come across the songs you loved-

I do remember about your existence. 

Not emotionally, but impassively.

I went through a myriad of emotions when we broke off.

Oh sorry! I forgot. I left you… right?

But did you forget? I was the one trying hard in the first place?

To chase the love already displaced.

Our words no longer melt each other; back then, how we became graphite?

The sweet nothings we exchanged 

Did not act like the cherry on the cake.

It was the only thing that we could bake.

Strange! Isn’t it? Because we saw couples sharing their inside stories.

But we had limited topics in even limited categories.

We were so out of sync sometimes

That when you used to admire the stars, 

I argued about how it is going to hurt my feet if I walk on the sky.

Pointless. But we never ran out of points to demean each other.

Instead of joining the points and making a constellation out of it.

I heard love is a wine – the older, the fine.

But we were in haste, emotionally spaced.

Raging, growling, screaming and squealing

Far away from healing… stealing

Each other’s respect and behaving like suspect.

See! How we can never be friends?

Because there are hundreds of things to complain about.

Still busy counting whose loss and whose gain?

No one’s. Because we both put in energies and emotions,

Which anyway went in vain.

While I reflect on my past, I do count you as one of the phases,

Not full of praises; but yes may be we taught each other

About the damage of loving a person not meant for us.

It worked like a drill; that a love which needs frequent refill

Is a love that is short-lived.

August - a month which is few weeks prior the autumn

Symbolizes the phase just before the fall

When our love was an example of scrawl.

Love? Isn’t it a miscall?

Because love without respect is not love – had to finish once and for all.

From your beloved Ex(cess).

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