Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Dance So As Not To Dunce!

Dance So As Not To Dunce!

2 mins

In nature’s surface tune is a unique prance

Where all creatures tend to dance

Though there are instances of trance

I wonder what the exact tune is

Which triggers molecules of all constituents to attune?

How the music plays a key role for the majority to sway

For all creatures to express their ecstasy and elation in the gay!

Dance is a form of art to express elation with a cultural manifestation

Its aesthetic beauty soothes plenty since time immemorial

We human only capable to capture its unique rendition

In sculptures, paintings and various forms of expressions

Sculpture to render as if a frozen music

Soothes our eyes and hearts with a grand symphony of a mystic!

Dance is a unique gesture of all elements

To express its entity in the universe in vehement

Whether in the Sun, Dwarf Sun or Blackhole

Always dancing stance makes unique hyperbole

Sometimes on Earth, we human can hardly capable to fathom

How dancing works to make a rhythmic platform

Where all creatures are in an ecosystem with a concerted rhyme

To ensure our existence harmoniously and work in a mystic rhythm which is only prime!

Dancing is a conscious effort for only human

We resort to it to soothe ourselves for a delightful comfort

Apart from a human being no creatures having the capacity

To think, perceive as well reciprocate in the hype with synchronicity

We, humans, are truly predominant in this planet out of our superior faculty and serendipity!

Yet, on the contrary, we too take notice within our clan

Few are utter dunce, having no capacity to align

With a majority with a unique tune for the sake of survival and reign

Only being triggered with enormous greed

Thus in nature’s floor, we alone beckon our jeopardy with a nefarious breed

What an amazing quality we only human possess

To become dunce instead of dance to accelerate our civilization to gain success

Sometimes we are eclipsed, our exquisite fecundity become moribund

We feel shame for our vicious design of inhuman tendency to repudiate the palatable dance!

If the majority may tend to become a dunce

Minority for the time being yield dividends by the confusing dance

But in the due passage of time

The minority will alone script their ignominious rhyme

Hoodwinking cannot be a ploy to only perpetuate

Rather minority’s decimation will surely in haste in nature’s inherent variations to manifest

Dancing too having a dubious role

Where not to become dunce is a natural gesture which alone emerges to rule and roll!

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