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Freda Francisca Noronha



Freda Francisca Noronha


Covid 19

Covid 19

1 min 100 1 min 100

Predicted forehand before time

An unknown pandemic would come

Suddenly would appear unsound

Destroy many human beings around...

Traveling from China to the U.S

Even Italy, Germany and Spain

Not forgetting Iran, France, and the U.K

Now has reached even our country...

Called as Novel Coronavirus or COVID 19

A severe respiratory disease it seems

To stop it's quick-spreading

Have to isolate, quarantine when suspecting...

Lopinavir, Ritonavir following

Oseltamivir along with chlorpheniramine

All are trying their best

To cure those infected...

Suddenly was the big entry

Of hydroxychloroquine

Combined with sulfate

Has better curing power it's saying...

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