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Debasish Majumder

Abstract Drama


Debasish Majumder

Abstract Drama

Confusing Equation of Nature!

Confusing Equation of Nature!

2 mins 54 2 mins 54

Three in one

An amazing equation

We habitually tend to observe

One appears as a whole to stimulate our nerve

But we perhaps fail to see

One eventually diverge into two in our spectrum with glee

Top, Bottom, Upward, Downward, Color and Charm

Responsible for every matter to manifest and churn at random!

I only wonder how from bottom to top

Wealth being derived and served at the helm

No reprehension, no qualms

What a brazen social fabric we endure and encourage to exist

Where we never feel ashamed for such a nefarious device being adopted to perform only heist!

Trust, Mistrust, or Distrust

Nothing is absolute, none to resolute

It alone is a natural product to camouflage our brain with unique train

Poor creatures we human helplessly observe how it navigate our energy to go in vain!

The present world is full of blabber

Only to produce huge sound to make clamor

Deafening us and obscure our vision with imitating glamour

We are helplessly forced to subscribe to such obfuscating behavior!

Hardly we can comprehend

Nothing in this world is constant

Today what we sow

Tomorrow it will eat us up with one go!

Human ideas hardly having any effective role

Ignoring external conditions are just an enigmatic brawl

A broken glass cannot be mended

Equally ideas cannot be amended

Though we try to maintain a status quo

It is our inherent tendency we manifest in myriad hue

Hardly we comprehend the gravity of color

It alone having the capacity from nature's floor to obliterate our every signature!

A non-living is continuously challenging living

Whether to live or to extinct in an available

Living do making their utmost effort to diffuse its devastating stint

Still we living beings unable to fathom

Whether we welcome nuclear war, a nonliving weapon

To combat another non living object in nature's floor at random

How reverse osmosis will inevitably emerge

From bottom it will garner its strength to spruce the privileged one with an atavistic grudge!

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