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Delhi Bijaya Laxmi



Delhi Bijaya Laxmi


Colours In Life

Colours In Life

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Is it not amazing

To see colourful attractions

In God’s creations?

Beholding nature as colourful carpet

Gives us immense pleasure

And allure me to go back

To my fantasy treasure

Life is colourful and beautiful

When prevailing situations and circumstances

Are supportive and cheerful

Learning roses are red

And violets are blue in childhood

Has become archaic in adulthood

The current trend in colours

Is its ‘Symbolism’

And its influence in life

Is its personification in ‘Behaviouralism’

The red colour is symbolic of

Love, romance, anger

Power passion and sensitivity

As 'Green' for growth, money

Harmony, vitality and fertility

Colour ' Yellow' stands for

Knowledge, enthusiasm and optimism

As ' Pink' for friendship and feminism

Significance of ‘Blue' is for coolness, calmness

Confidence and improved communication

As ‘Purple’ for spirituality, royalty

Imagination and power of intuition

Black colour attracts one

Towards negativity and depression

Whereas ‘Aqua’ for 

Peace, purity and relaxation

Colour ‘Indigo’ is symbolic of

Serenity, stillness internal peace and creativity

Parallel to this colour ‘Violet’

Imbibes in us the qualities of

Imagination selflessness and generosity

Last but not least

Is the supreme colour ‘Orange’

That combines the energy of red

And the happiness of yellow

And symbolizes fascination and determination

Attraction and stimulation

Yearning to know ‘Symbolism’ in colours

In life is desirous

And always keep us ardent and anxious.

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