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vidhi sanghvi



vidhi sanghvi


Cage: A Horror To All...

Cage: A Horror To All...

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I was trodding under the warm sun

In the ecstatic atmosphere of the zoo.

Prancing around with my friends

And admiring the animals too!!

Enjoying the scrumptious food

Amidst the domestic wild.

Looking at the helpless tiger

It seemed like a fun ride!!

It's been years

Since I last visited the zoo.

Now I just watch them in national parks

Ravenous for food and freedom too!

After I finished my exams

I dreamed about party food and friends.

But I am imprisoned in my house by a virus

And the world seems to draw towards the ends.

I stand in my balcony

Looking at the empty streets where I used to play once.

Now I am behind the bars

And the animals run under the warmth of the sun.

Be it a sad nightingale in a golden cage

Or us in a room of Netflix and food.

We all are ravenous for the freedom to run

In the fresh air which lightens our mood.

Though animals or humans

The feeling of being stuck in 4 walls is appalling.

Freedom should be gifted to both

Before they start spalling.

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