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Nirabhra Neel

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Nirabhra Neel

Abstract Drama Tragedy



3 mins 294 3 mins 294

It was a freezing December night

I was lying on my cot, peering at the sky

I often wondered in my head

Why is the night so mysterious to my eyes?

The glimmering stars and the soothing moonlight,

The quiet wind and the mist so wide.

The chilling cold and the darkness all around,

Where do they all go during the daylight?

I turned to my brother lying on a cot beside

I asked him "Brother what's up with the night?"

Where do they all go when the sun comes out?"

Why can't we see them during the daylight?"

My brother looked at me with a smile so slight

I could barely see it behind his hazy eyes.

He gazed at the sky as if staring upon our fate,

Then took a deep breath and commenced the direful tale.

"It's cursed this night, just like we are 

It's ruled by another entity but wishes to go far

It has no value in anybody's heart

Just shunned by all like a useless tart"

"On whom the sun took pity 

Hence its existence became known

Or else it would be nothing

Just an orphan ignored and unknown"

"Ambitious stars which strain to emit light

But stand no chance once the sun shows its might

It has the moon attempting to announce its presence

But its voice is too bleak against the warm day essence"

"Where evil and enormity both breathe expediently 

And men of honor lose their soul 

Where remorseless creatures roam inherently

Their minds turning completely foul"

"Choked with queer voices all over the place

Inducing a common passerby with fright

That's its endowment an utter disgrace

That's your ugly mysterious night"

Desolated and broken by the narrative

I tried to gather myself again

I held my brother's gaze and asked 

"But will it ever change?"

His eyes lost in pain and agony

Trying hard to hide the terror behind

He shook it away and answered my question

And it was exactly what I had feared in my mind.

"The fate of these stars and this moon shall remain the same

Till this world ends and a new one begins

With a better heart and untainted soul

And a heap of wisdom to attain"

"When man won't discard

The poor and the mucky

When life won't punish

The darker and unlucky"

"Maybe there will be a day

When we will be considered equals

When the moon would smile jovially

And sun equally gay"

"But for an eternity as of now

Our mere existence is a maim

After all we are a spurious coin

And a pathetic living sin"

Saying so my brother closed his eyes 

I knew he wanted to say a lot

But chose to keep quiet 

As I kept on staring at the bare glimmering sky

I sweeped a last glance at the night

Its beauty knew no bounds

For a moment I wondered how it could be so elegant

And yet hide such hideous wounds

Absorbing this environment abhorred yet profound

I heaved a hollow sigh

And then I too closed my eyes

As a tear fell to the ground.

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