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When life crumbles before your eyes

And you realize that your entire life is made out of lies

Or when you have fallen into a deep pit

And you are searching for that one hand that will help you get out of it…

Or when the ladder is right in front of you

But you know like every time, even this time you’ll screw

And hence you seem to have lost the will to climb

When you no longer care if it’s high time…

When you are drowning and you can’t breathe

And all you can do is seethe

When letting go seems to be the most difficult task

And you have concealed your broken soul with an impeccable mask

When the crater in your stomach just keeps on increasing

And the pain shows no signs of decreasing

When the tears formed won’t flow through your eyes

When it stops to bother you that you’re losing your dream to reach the sky…

I want to say that I will be there for you always

I want to say that this is just a bad phase

And I want to give you the strength to pull through

But sorry I can’t since I'm just as broken as you…

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