Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Brave and Alive !

Brave and Alive !

2 mins

Green and serene, I have been.

Wrapped with mountains, guarded by landscapes and I live in between.

No, I am neither from north nor like its type, love to break the stereotype.

Different has been my story, all filled with gut and glory.

Raised and brought up in the lap of mountains.

Carved and shaped by timely wrath,

Sometimes I stood tall and other times had a great fall.

Former held my head high but latter crushed it with no sigh.

I never complain, for it gives me no gain.

Near Mutha my childhood was confined, place where my fate was mined.

In my age to play with clay, I was trained to flay.

I grew, with Mutha failing to confine, costed like an old wine.

I emerged like a quarrier evolving into a warrior.

With scars of past engraved ,my enunciated public presence was stone carved.

This pretty face, deep down was etched with culture,

Tradition and customs of varied race.

Blessed with Bappa and endorsed Gudi Padwa.

Slaying was left far behind, new times brought the fresh grind.

I got company, fresh faces with new hustle and bustle.

I was shook and jolted hard, tons of metal bolted in my heart!

I was cut and molded in the name of fake oath of growth.

I gave blood, felt pain, heard claims, saw ambush,

All turning down into burning bush!

Puberty hit hard, I swelled , I bled , I was scorned,

For a girl turning into a woman there was no time to mourn.

Emotions left me dribbling, was thrown into the race with my siblings.

Their assets breaching the sky and nails scratching the horizon.

I was taught to be humble,showed no sign of crumble.

Committed to turn my fate, before its too late,

People showed belief, brought a sigh of relief.

To compete and stand at par with others, never I owned such druthers.

People whom I call my own ,still screaming, complaining

While I cough, as if my sacrifices weren't enough.

Have committed my will to their dreams,

That's how it always will be, it seems.

Even today I don't wry, as I still hold my pride high.

To you, who read my story with interest

You sure have earned my trust.

You go out and tell the story to others,

Irrespective of shame or fame.

But when they ask who is she, tell them PUNE is the name !

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